Floors are one of the first things you notice once you walk inside a home.

If your tile and grout lines are dirty, your home will look dirty… 

Here in SWFL, many home owners have tile floors, but are unsure how to properly maintain them. Grout and natural stone is very porous and fragile to acids, 

therefore, being a magnet to dirt, odor causing bacteria, grease, mildew and mold.

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Our Tile Cleaning & Grout Sealing Procedure:


1.) Assess And Protect


We first evaluate the tile and grout by performing a walk through of your space. Then we place corner guards at every point the vacuum and water hoses will make contact with, in order to protect walls and baseboards.


2.) Sanitization And Pre-spray Process

We apply to your tile floors, a specialized EPA approved disinfectant, which kills 99.9% of bacteria, mold and viruses. Then we apply a soiling lifting solution to loosen and lift dirt, grease and grime.


3.) CRB Agitation


We use a counter rotating brush machine to scrub the tile and grout lines at every angle and groove.
This process agitates the dirt and activates the pre spray solution to lift embedded, stuck on dirt. Hand scrubbing will never get this close to dirty grout!


4.) Hot Water Extraction


We use truck-mount hot water extraction equipment to extract solution and dirt in your tile and grout. This method delivers over 800 PSI of suction power and

water temperatures over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Multiple water jets rotate and spin at a fast rate, while sucking out the dirty water. The dirty water is then pulled through the hose to our waste tank, taking your dirt away with us. Leaving you with incredibly clean floors that look amazing!


5.) Quick Dry


Our high powered 360 fans ensure fast drying times and no moisture is left on the tile or grout before applying the sealant.


6.) Grout Sealing / Grout Recoloring


Grout sealing is a crucial step. In fact, we think it is just as important as cleaning your tile floor. High quality protective sealants prevent dirt from re-entering into the porous grout. The grout sealant fills-in and creates a barrier that will protect your tile and grout cleaning much longer.

There are 2 options to choose: Clear sealant or Color sealant, Clear sealant is transparent and will protect both the tile and grout. The color sealant is an epoxy stain sealant with a variety of color options, only applied on the grout lines.

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