Why spend $1000s to replace your floors when you can have hydro power restore it!

Cleaning your tile professionally will bring the life back to your floors and give a fresh new look.

Keep your flooring nice and clean

Hire a tile cleaning company in Fort Myers, FL

While vacuuming and mopping are a great way to get rid of surface dirt, they’re not always enough. If your tile, grout lines or carpet has lost it’s appeal, turn to Hydro Power. 

We are a tile, grout and carpet cleaning company that will bring life back to your floors with our truck-mounted steam extraction method. Just scroll down to see our previous projects…

You can also trust us to seal your tile, grout and stone countertops to extend their lifespan.  While we are based in Fort Myers, FL, we serve clients in Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, Estero, Bonita Springs and Naples. 


Your tile cleaning company should reduce stress, not create more. Thankfully, you can count on us to provide unparalleled services.  



1)  We offer free and accurate quotes.

2) We provide personable customer service. 

3) We use top quality products, equipment and the most effective cleaning methods. 

4) We are family owned and operated.

5) We are environmentally focused, meaning, we care about the safeness of our products, recycle and reuse what we can and reduced the amount of waste produced.

Don’t live with dirty floors, schedule an appointment for our carpet, tile and grout cleaning services today!


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Most frequent questions and answers

We charge based on a few factors such as… according to the size of area being cleaned, level of dirt, any grout repairs needed, how much furniture to be moved, type of cleaners and equipment needed and the use of either clear or color sealant. For carpets we charge by room, size and stain removal. We also offer 10% off discounts to military, veterans and seniors!

We make sure to establish consistent, clear communication before, during and after the job is completed. Explaining the details of the cleaning process and thoroughly understanding the customers expectations and needs.

We gain satisfaction from cleaning and seeing the results. Cleaning is always a needed service and can make anyone happy to walk into a home with clean tile floors.

We work for many types of people… Retired couples, snow birds, families with pets, businesses, new construction cleaning, ect.

We just recently restored a shower being taken over by mold and mildew, by cleaning and coloring sealing to it’s original new look. The total time spent was about 2 hours.

Ask about the type of equipment they use. It is very important to have equipment rated for the psi needed to deep clean. Do they have a truck mount or a portable? Do they use non-toxic cleaners? Ask about cleaning process.

For TILE CLEANING service: Try to find out the sqft of the area needing to be cleaned. If not, we can measure for you. Notice if there is any cracked, missing grout needing to be repair. This task is taken care of prior to cleaning. Consider asking us about color sealing if your grout is old and heavily stained or if you want a different color grout.


Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning, Done Right!