Grout Recoloring

What is Grout Color Sealing? 

In order to maintain your tile floors after the initial tile cleaning, it is strongly recommended to have your grout sealed properly. 

Grout color sealing is a method of applying a strong epoxy stain sealant to the grout lines of your tile flooring. Color sealing is a stain and epoxy sealant all in one, meaning, your grout lines will stay clean and the color can be changed or matched to the original color grout. This needs to be done carefully to ensure the bonding of materials.

 We recommend color sealing for grout that is permanently stained, very old or if you simply just want to refresh the look of your floors with a different color. It is also a great way to maintain the fresh and clean look of your floors for years to come!

Make it darker or make it lighter, you choose whatever color floats your boat. 

We have 40 grout colors to choose from for your home project…From bright white to charcoal.



Watch How We Recolor This Grout…