There can be several reasons why your tile and grout become dirty. Over time with conventional mopping routines, pets, messy children and high traffic, your floors will become dirty and dark. The usual method home owners and housekeepers use to clean floors may not be the best way to keep them clean in the long run.

Chemicals such as bleach, ammonia and anything acidic will break down the integrity of the grout between your tiles and leave it susceptible to hold mildew and dirt and even cause cracks in your grout. Products such as fabulosa, pinesol, swifter floor cleaner or anything soap based will cause dirt to stick and become attracted to the tile and grout lines.


In order to prevent this from happening, you will need to adapt a good maintenance floor cleaning method between your professional tile and grout cleaning service calls every few years. First, you will need to vacuum your floors thoroughly to extract the embedded dirt that gets stuck within the grout lines. This is where sweeping fails to perform. Mopping over ‘left behind’ dirt can make your grout lines dirty too.


Next, you will need a microfiber flat mop or a steam mop. These mops are perfect for cleaning hard floors without pushing cleaning solutions and dirt into the grout lines to be absorbed like conventional string mops do. Grout is very porous, especially without sealant applied. That is why it is so important to have your floors sealed every 2-3 years


If using a microfiber flat mop, you will need distilled white vinegar and hot water. Dilute 1/4 cup of vinegar in water in a bottle and spray directly onto the tile or pour 1 cup of vinegar into a bucket with 1 gallon of hot water. Avoid making floors soaking wet when applying solution. Squeeze out excess solution from mop before applying to tiles. Mop all tiles thoroughly allowing floors to completely dry before walking on them.

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