Carpet Cleaning Services in Fort Myers and Cape Coral

As you walk over your carpet, surface dust and dirt get pushed further down. Eventually, you’ll end up with embedded dirt that your average vacuum just can’t reach. 

Thankfully, you can get professional carpet cleaning services with Hydro Power Inc. We’ll shampoo and steam clean your carpets to remove dirt, dust and allergens. You can also trust us to do special spot treatments to lift stubborn stains. No matter what type of carpet or rug you have, you can count on us to make it look as good as new. Reach out to us today to get carpet stain removal and carpet steam cleaning services in Fort Myers, FL and surrounding area.

Remove Stubborn Dirt Embedded in Your Carpet

There are some tell tale signs that it’s time for a carpet cleaning service… Top Signs you need a Carpet Cleaning Service:

Have you moved your furniture lately? If the carpet under your furniture looks much brighter and lighter than the rest of the carpeting, it’s time for a deep steam cleaning.

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